Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Network Marketing Success or Failure?

I am tired of seeing people who desperately want to create an income from home struggle. The lack of support, leadership, and training that most people have to deal with is appalling.

The network marketing industry is designed to help those who really want to change their lives. You deserve to have all the available tools, resources, and support from a team.

Are you ready to make an epic run and work with me?

I am on a mission to create a change in the network marketing industry. I am sick and tired of watching people be delivered hype, broken promises, and lack of proper education on how the network marketing industry really works.

I have a disruptive, controversial, and out of the box opportunity and I am creating a whole new category in our space and it's exciting. I'm not looking for the average Joe who wants to get something for nothing. I am looking for someone who recognizes a major opportunity when they see one and willing to plug in and go to work with me.

We are creating major waves right now in our space and we need more riders to take the waves with us and carve your way to massive success.

Is it your time?

Sometimes you just need a bunch of friends who are hungry and have your back and together we can do great big things.

This video will give you a feel for our passion, excitement, and belief in what we are doing as a team.

In my 17 years of network marketing I have never failed. I am a go-getter and enjoy working with those who are like minded. I usually have to go through 50 - 100 people till I find one good worker who takes creating a successful business seriously. It's SAD.

People think they can start a business online and make a fast buck. Network marketing does not work that way. Those who WORK are the ones who succeed.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Work from Home Success Is It Real?

In my 17 years of internet marketing I have been asked this question many times. Diane, you work from home are you really having success? Are you really making money online working from home?

My answer, "Absolutely". But there is a difference between working from home and having a mindset to succeed. If you have it in your head that you are going to make a quick buck and the business is going to grow all by itself then you better forget working from home and just keep making someone else's pockets rich.

When you start a home business you still have to work. It's not going to earn you a living without putting work into it.

I started my online golf business, "Kewl Tubes" in February of 2006. ( I invested thousands of dollars to get my business up and running and lots of hard work and long hours. I worked 7 days a week 12 - 16 hours a day. In the first year I got my business to over $50,000 in sales. It continued for the next 5 years... By January of 2011 I was tired of working 7 days a week 12 - 16 hours a day to keep my business at $50,000 + a year in sales. I decided it was time to sell the business and move on. In February 2011 I sold Kewl Tubes for a $42,000 profit to a local family here in Ocala, Florida. Yes I could have sold the business for more but I was really ready to move on.

I then began dabbling in network marketing again and working from home with other companies. I became a distributor of the "Pet Protector". I built a huge downline but just could not seem to get my tean working and following my leadership. Yes I was making money, but my team wasn't. I tried and tried to motivate my team, I tried to get them to follow my lead, to duplicate what I knew worked. But no one seemed to have the mindset or ambition that I had to succeed.

So I gave it up and went back to creating and growing another business of my own. My husband enjoyed woodturning on a wood lathe and making personalized cremation urns and home decor. I began busting my butt putting in lots of hours trying to get this business off the ground. We were going no where fast. We would get a sale here and there but nothing to brag about. Funeral homes wanted nothing to do with us because they buy their urns from other countries where they can purchase them for $30 - $40 each and mark them up 1,000% or more and earn HUGE profit.

They didn't care that we could offer their customers something more personal. We customize our urns with inlaid photo's and woodburned information such as the deceased person's name, born and death dates or even a quote or whatever the family would decide to have woodburned onto the urn.

We offered to sell our urns to funeral homes at a wholesale price of $125 - $175. There was still plenty of room for markup on their end BUT it was not enough to satisfy them. So we moved on to just selling them through word of mouth and online through our web site. The competition for urns online is very steep. We were having a tough time getting the word out there about what we do.

We then moved into creating motorcycle accessories and urns for bikers. We have product sales here and there but not enough to live off of. So I began looking for a network marketing company I could be passionate about. 

I found Kannaway. A brand new company just starting pre-launch. I did my research and jumped on board. I am a marijuana advocate and already knew a lot about CBD. And finding out Kannaway's products were CBD rich hemp oil based products I was very excited and knew this was something I would truly enjoy being able to help others and also build a residual income at the same time.

I am now on my way to owning a successful home business again. I have been working to build my hemp business since the middle of February 2014 and I am having success. Most companies do not pay anyone during pre-launch. Kannaway did. I earned my first check during pre-launch in March and received my check just this week. It's a check I can be proud of for the work I have done.

What was the cost for me to start this business? Only $15. Not thousands of dollars like when I started my golf business, just a small investment of $15.

I am working my "new" hemp business fulltime BUT still not working 7 days a week 12 - 16 hours a day. And I am passionate about what I am doing. This company is amazing. The products, the comp plan, the marketing system, everything... The company is outdoing themselves to see that they can fit into anyone's lifestyle. Another words making everything affordable for anyone to start a home business through them.

What do you need to be successful with a home business? A mindset. A mindset and passion for what you are doing. A mindset to work for what you want, an INCOME.

If you're looking for a get rich quick home business, forget it. They do NOT exist. In my 17 years of working online I have seen thousands of people jumping from business opportunity to business opportunity and never getting anywhere. Then they complain they can't make any money and of course it's always the companies fault not theirs.

To work from home and have success, you must work to achieve it.

I could go on and on here but it's time to end this post for now. Follow my blog for weekly posts about internet marketing, work from home success, and much more.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Network Marketers and Internet Marketers Create Jobs

Here's something most network marketers do not think about. Network marketers are job creators, we help the economy.

When we as network marketers or internet marketers make money, we spend money. We buy a new car, we created jobs, we hire a housekeeper, we create jobs, we eat out more often, we create jobs, we travel more often, we create jobs, we buy new clothes, we created jobs.

I bet you never looked at network marketing or internet marketing from this perspective have you?

Network marketers and internet marketers are entrepreneurs. We create jobs and keep the economy thriving.

More people are starting their own businesses and working from home. It is said that in the upcoming years more than 50% of Americans will be working from home by becoming entrepreneurs in the network marketing and internet marketing field. 

By creating residual income and changing our lifestyle to have more money to spend we are creating jobs.

The products we sell as network marketers and internet marketers have created jobs, the products have to be manufactured right? Exactly, we have created more jobs by selling products. And the more products we sell the more jobs we create.

As network marketers and internet marketers we create more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs create jobs.

What do you think? Have you ever looked at it from this perspective?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Motorcycle Kickstand Plate Personalized for Bikers

Have you seen these personalized motorcycle kickstand plates yet?

They are made from wood on a wood lathe and them personalized by woodburning a name on them. They have an attached string and metal clip so that you don't even have to bend over to pick it up. Just hop on your bike unhook it from your handlebar and put it in your saddlebag. Talk about simple! Bikers love it.

We make them out of different types of wood. Black jack oak, cherry, oak, maple, it depends what we have in stock when you order. It takes us about 2 weeks to make one. We have to let the wood settle a little bit and make sure it is not going to warp or crack. And sometimes this happens anyway and if it does we will replace it.

Here's a video demonstrating how the motorcycle kickstand plate works.

Our motorcycle kickstand plate is our hottest seller right now for bikers. We've been selling a lot of them since before Christmas when we came out with them. If you live in an area where you have a lot of sand or stones they are perfect. There's nothing like parking your bike and coming out and seeing your bike laying over. Well you won't have to worry about that with our kickstand plate. 

Even here in Florida, we have problems with the kickstand sinking into the macadam because the sun is so hot in the summer it softens up the macadam. No worries with our kickstand plate. 

Bikers if you'd like to place an order just visit our web site cost is only $25 plus shipping.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Motorcycle Grips with Tassels for Bikers

We make motorcycle grips with tassels for bikers. They fit on your brake and clutch handles. We make the motorcycle grips in your choice of any two colors to match your bike. They are made with 550 paracord from the USA. Not made in China.

Another good motorcycle awareness product. Anything to help make cagers SEE US!

We make the tassels long and then you can cut them to your desired length and burn the ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying.

Our motorcycle grips with tassels are easy to put on and they stay on your clutch and brake handle. You do not have to worry about them falling off while you are riding. Once you have put them on just tie a knot in the ends at the end of the handle.

The lady bikers seem to like them long and the guys seem to like them a little shorter. This is my bike and as you can see I have my motorcycle grips with tassels long. My husband Keith (Skeeter) cut his to a shorter length. 

Here's a photo of my old bike and I had long tassels on this bike also.

Here's a closer look at what the motorcycle grips look like on the brake and clutch handle.

The motorcycle grips are another addition to motorcycle accessories that help with raising motorcycle awareness. It helps cagers see you. They are flying in the wind while you are riding down the road.

Mine are black and "hot pink" so they kinda stand out. I'm all for anything that helps with "Can You SEE Me Now?" Motorcycle Awareness. Cagers don't care, they don't lookout for us. We have to lookout for ourselves. 

$25 a pair purchase here -